Overcoming my social media anxiety and embracing authenticity, online and in person.

colorful silhouettes looking at their phone screens
colorful silhouettes looking at their phone screens
(DigitalVision Vectors/Getty Images)

Unlike the majority of people on the millennial/Gen Z cusp, I’ve never lied about my age when signing up for a social media account. As a child, my parents took online safety very seriously.

I used to wistfully watch commercials for Disney Channel’s online games, knowing I couldn’t “ask my parents’ permission” to play Camp Rock: Rock the Beat when I wasn’t even allowed on Club Penguin. After presenting my parents with a very persuasive PowerPoint, I was granted permission to make my online debut on my 13th birthday.

Before I created any accounts, I was given strict rules and…

Sunlight streaming in the window, casting shadows on an unmade bed with white sheets.
Sunlight streaming in the window, casting shadows on an unmade bed with white sheets.
Image by K Searle Williams featured on Another Feather

if someone believed me,
they would be as in love with you as i am.

i pray that one day, i will drift into sleep
like breathing was easy.
i’ll rest in the confidence that in the morning,
your eyes will trace along my silhouette.
following every dip, curve and remnant of moonlit currents under my skin,
you’ll lock in to my sleepy eyes as soon as they open
and bless me with a kiss.

good morning to

dawn peeks through the blinds, casting shadows across your cheekbones.
the early light illuminates the crinkle by your eye and
i am reminded…

Person sits in front of computer with their head down, looking stressed.
Person sits in front of computer with their head down, looking stressed.

As a class of 2020 alumna, it wasn’t long ago that I was a burnt-out student struggling to make post-grad plans. Thankfully, my time in undergrad taught me how to work smarter, not harder. Less than two months after graduation, I secured a full-time job and was accepted into master’s programs at NYU Steinhardt and Teachers College at Columbia. Here is my honest advice on how to navigate the transition into post-grad life during a global pandemic, whether you are a current student or an alum taking your next steps (seeking employment, applying for graduate programs, etc.)

Get involved

Maybe looping “From the Dining Table” for hours wasn’t a bad idea after all

photo by camryn easley from jupiter in pisces

Just to prove it has a sense of humor, the universe made sure my best friend and I went through rough breakups at the same time. While listening to our horribly sad (but very well-curated) collaborative Spotify playlist, certain lyrics started to hit differently from the first time I heard them. I have always loved “From the Dining Table” by Harry Styles, but when it was released, I couldn’t really relate to the lyrics. This time around, it felt like Harry ripped a page from my diary and set it to music. Instead of killing me softly, Harry chose emotional…

Here’s a hint: it has to do with the 5 Love Languages

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

It’s that time of year again: Valentine’s Day is here and single people have mixed feelings about it… and why wouldn’t we?

The media presents us with contradictory representations of single life, but the most pervasive narrative is that singleness is an affliction that needs a cure. 20 years ago, Dustin Barnes created “Singles Awareness Day” in response. This unofficial holiday encouraged people to enjoy their singleness (and discounted candy) instead of bonding over their disdain for couples, PDA, and all things love-related. 11 years ago, the “Galentine’s…

Emma Watson’s side profile at the Little Women premiere event
Emma Watson’s side profile at the Little Women premiere event
credit: AFP via Getty Images

according to merriam-webster, the federal government and the general public, i am a single woman. i meet the criteria since i am not married or otherwise “spoken for”, however, that label just doesn’t sit right with me.

the phrase “single woman” has a negative connotation; it’s the 21st century version of “spinster”. it invites cautious approach, yet affixes a scarlet letter “S” to your bosom to warn possible suitors that so far, no one has deemed you marriage material. it’s just... sad.

it’s no surprise that many people avoid the word “single” at all costs. media presents us with contradictory…

for the past 21 years, i’ve been learning who i am from what i was taught.

i learned from my parents that i was a black girl, and black girls were beautiful. i was taught to speak up, to embrace my power, to love my natural hair, to marvel at my divinely-created body… then, i went to private school. from the first day onward, my lessons on identity became disjointed. i learned that white people see black girls differently. i was subhuman, but in a sexy way. i was the token black friend, but still unapproachable. i was too loud…

camryn easley

writer, self-healer + co-founder of jupiter in pisces 💫 find me on social media @camryneasley + @jupiter.in.pisces

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